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November 5 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

On June 04, 2018, Jaevian “Jae” Holmes, son of Janataka Hughley-Holmes was admitted to UAB Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL due to epilepsy (a common neurological disorder in which the patient experience seizures). Shortly after he was admitted to the floor, Jaevian had a prolonged seizure and he begin to lose conscious. There was a code called and the medical professionals began to work on Jae to regain his vitals. He was intubated and the attempt to resuscitate was successful. Jae was then transferred to the PICU where he remained for the duration of the night and the following day. He was doing well and the doctors took him off of the ventilator, but he experienced an episode of apnea (without breathing) and had to be intubated again. God was constantly moving, preforming miracles right before our eyes and Jaevian made a complete turnaround within just days of these episodes. Although Jae was hospitalized for 11 days, he was released from the hospital and was able to go home. Once being home, Jae continued to experience breakthrough seizures. We had to journey back to Birmingham for a follow-up appointment. Once at UAB, I was given his medical records from the previous hospital stay. As I began to thumb through the medical records, I came across a “Resuscitation Record & Physician Order Sheet. I knew what Jaevian had been through, because I was there every step of the way, but to see it on paper with the options “SURVIVED——EXPIRED” with the SURVIVED box checked really allowed me to process what we had been through those days at UAB Children’s Hospital. I immediately begin to cry out with gratitude to God for HIS saving grace and healing powers. I asked God what it is that He would have me to do with this experience that I called “Jae’s (as well as mine) Storm!” I was given…

“My last storm…I did not expire, BUT #iSurvived”

This vision was written four years ago and God has said “THE TIME IS NOW” to carry out the vision. He has put the right people and provisions into perspective and we are excited about the Kingdom work here on Earth.